PEREGRINI - a photo essay

The Peregrini Cycling Crew are a group of artist-collectors that will travel along a straight line from Koszalin, Poland to Rab, Croatia. The line is a rule, a limitation, it defines the territory the Peregrini can use in their journey, not going from one point of interest to another but exploring and documenting the in between. The journey is a mobile studio; a mode of creative low power travel. Peregrini explore cultural pluralism and socio-regional diversity by traveling, leaving a trace of impressions.

We are the Peregrini Cycling Crew, we follow a fold on our map and go straight from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, from Poland to Croatia, through lands, forests, villages, mountains, fields and cities. We are by bike and we are solar-powered. We bring stories and creations. When you meet us or see a trace from us it means you are part of that fold, and one of its inhabitants.

Performing Pictures' Robert Brečević will place 13 road chapels along the fold/line. The traveller's saint: St. Christopher will be illuminated by night with a LED-light - powered with a small solar panel.