PEREGRINI #4: First chapel

First solar road chapel has been inplanted in the woods!

We woke up in the morning by the sound of an old Polish peasant swearing about those gypsies and that he would call the forrest guards. Guess that camping is not that popular in these parts Nevertheless, I decided to put a chapel at this very spot.

Coordinates of the chapel are: 05/07/2012 10:40:33 chapel Chapel @ lat: 53゚37'24.602" (53.62350046634674) lon: 15゚57'33.863" (15.9594064950943)

The rest of the day went quite fast. Bikig some 50 km and then meeting up with Pacome and Patrick who came from Berlin. 

Great dinner at the Hotel Solaris Lupus!

a_pilgrimage%20002.jpg a_pilgrimage%20068.jpg a_pilgrimage%20073.jpg a_pilgrimage%20078.jpg a_pilgrimage%20109.jpg a_pilgrimage%20118.jpg a_pilgrimage%20120.jpg a_pilgrimage%20135.jpg