PEREGRINI #5: Mosquito attacks

Biking continues. Some have sore behinds, but the spirit is high.

We move steadily at a pace of 70 km per day - that is the average. I have just installed the bicycle computer and can monitor the speed: 17.4 km/hour. Poland is not so flat as expected - so far - and it will be worse.

A_pilgrimage%20007.jpg A_pilgrimage%20011.jpg A_pilgrimage%20016.jpg A_pilgrimage%20036.jpg A_pilgrimage%20043.jpg A_pilgrimage%20058.jpg A_pilgrimage%20067.jpg A_pilgrimage%20068.jpg A_pilgrimage%20069.jpg A_pilgrimage%20080.jpg A_pilgrimage%20081.jpg A_pilgrimage%20085.jpg A_pilgrimage%20098.jpg