PEREGRINI #2: From Gdansk to Koszalin (by train)

We arrive to Gdansk and take the train to Koszalin.

The adventures starts. Rolling off the ferry on our bicycle-shaped thrones, we feel like 3 kings and 1 queen. After a half an hour bike ride from the harbour, through the worn-down suburbs of Gdansk we reach the cnetral station. We are taking the train to Koszalin to get to the actual fold - don't want to bike the additional 120 kilometers west the firt thing we do.

The bike department on the train is small and the door to the wagon is narrow. I almost fuck up my bike while getting it in and then out. Koszalin is a sleepish place off the Baltic coast in western Poland. Once we have arrived there (less then 2 hours by train) we head north - have to dip ourselves into the Baltic sea, next stop Mediterranean.

Mielno lies some 12 kilometers north of Koszalin. This is where we meet Trudo, Loes an Thoen. A happy occasion with beer and bigosz (typical Polish sourkraut-dish)

The guys have found accomodation in a small town-house just 50 meters from the sea shore.

We drink Wyborowa and we find a Karaoke-tent right next to the beach. Mielno could be described a a Polish mini-version of Brighton or Blackpool. Nicolas picks the English-speaking songs for us and the local crowd (2 beer-drinking older guys) enjoy our singing.

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