During the time period from May 1, 2006 to April 30, 2007, the center for new media culture RIXC in Riga in collaboration with co-organisers (OKNO/Belgium, TESLA/Germany, PROJEKT ATOL/Slovenia, ELLIPSE/France, Performing Pictures/Sweden) organised the project WAVES which investigated electromagnetic waves as the principle material – the medium – of media art.

Since more than 100 years, electromagnetic waves have been used for communications - from the wireless telegraph to radio, television, satellite, mobile phones and now also wireless network technologies. Despite a rich tradition of media art work using waves, the most creative experimentations with/within the electromagnetic spectrum often have remained invisible, leaving the innovative potential of waves underexploited. 

At large, the project is a manifestation of creative explorations, discoveries and new ideas for both past and future. Artistic expressions of “waves” from the last century was brought into spotlight, and the potential for future innovation revealed.