Studio Ossidiana: Utomhusverket 2021

Documentary film
Client: ArkDes–Sweden's National Centre for Architecture and Design
Year: 2021
Media: Video 4K

Channel: E-flux

Studio Ossidiana: Utomhusverket 2021 is a documentary film by Performing Pictures, detailing the design intentions, construction, and first moments of public activity at the museum’s outdoor installation for 2021. Revealing the process behind the project, the film presents Studio Ossidiana’s unique approach to the hand-built craft of concrete and terrazzo casting in their own words and alongside the craftspeople that they collaborate with.

Conceived as an “archipelago” of activities and encounters between people, plants, birds, and minerals, Utomhusverket 2021 celebrates the potential of public space. A planted pond offers relief from the summer heat for both birds and people. Tall perches, designed for migratory birds, cast shadows across a ground of shells, loam, and gravels. The ground elements combine to create new soils that can be shaped by digging, walking, lying, playing, and more. A sundial marks the passing of time while radiating the captured heat of the sun. An enclosed garden offers shade, shelter, and berries to birdlife. Handcrafted terrazzo ‘rocks’ afford opportunities for play, display, and gathering.

A film by: Performing Pictures (Geska Helena Brečević, Robert Brečević)
Second Unit (Rotterdam): Kyulim Kim, Daniel Donato
Presenting: Studio Ossidiana (Alessandra Covini, Giovanni Bellotti), James Taylor-Foster (Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Design, ArkDes)
Production Coordinator: Sujy Lee

Read more at ArkDes website for the project.