The Oaxacan Forum on Social Innovation

As part of the kick-off for the Euroaxacan Initiative for Transformative Cultures (EITC) Performing Pictures co-arranges the Oaxacan Forum on Social Innovation. The forum deals with social entrepreneurship and innovation as a catalyst for local economies; Contemporary strategies for achieving well being by design; and creative interventions that engage with community. The forum is about ideas and knowhow that drive social enterprises to create the world we all want.

Come join the growing group of brilliant people attending the Oaxaca Forum on Social Innovation, including:

Paula Moreno Zapata, Former Columbian Minister of Culture, Lucina Jimenez (ConArte), Cheryl Heller (PopTech & SVA Design for Social Innovation), Rodrigo Villar (Director New Ventures Mexico), Hernan Fernandez (Angel Ventures Mexico), Tony Carr (Halloran Philanthropies), Nick Kislinger and Elizabeth Stewart (Hub Los Angles), Saul Fuentes (Director CORAL Oaxaca), Daryn Dodson (Calvert) Javier Lozano (Clinicas del Azucar, Luis Duarte (YoReciclo), Michael Cox (Hub Cities), and more....

Who should attend:

  • Social entrepreneurs and impact investors seeking new ways to start and/or support social initiatives in emerging regions
  • Designers, social architects and others looking for inspiration and guidance in building social movements that inspire change from the grass roots up
  • Analysts and consultants who want to explore new ways to develop productive projects with high social impact, particularly in the Latin American context. (Forum in both Spanish & English)

Partnering Organizations: Hub Oaxaca, Halloran Philanthropies, Performing Pictures & The Euroaxacan Inititative for Transformative Cultures, SVA Design for Social Innovation, Next Plays, Con-Arte, New Ventures, Comunicacíon LateralbCreative Industries Conference (Bonus), Colibri Consulting and more to be announced.