Switch 2023 / PLAY

7 Evenings of cinema in the town, where stories on screen blend with those who encounter them.

Responding to the theme of PLAY this years participating artists are: Cecilia Stenbom [UK], Bob Bicknell-Knight [UK], Dave Kemp [Canada], Marta Ciolkowska [Italy & Poland], Patricia Azevedo & Clare Charnley [Brazil & UK], Geska & Robert Brecevic [Sweden & Croatia], Melanie Manos [USA], Timo Kahlen [Germany] and Kuesti Fraun [Germany]. Contemporary video/film works from national & international artists are back-projected from twilight to midnight onto coated windows, transforming spaces & shopwindow into screens in the townscape throughout the town of Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland.

Now in its 15th year, switch is an artist-led project funded & supported by the Tipperary Arts Office and the Arts Council.