Dreaming the memories of now - available as VOD!

For more than 10 years we have been working artistically on Marian apparitions, "poetic inculturation" and contemporary image cult as an act of cultural resistance in Mexico. The result was a film documentary, a 90-minute dense composition that in between documentary and fiction, reality and dream. Cycling pilgrims, a 30 cm high Madonna figure, men falling and the future memories of a five-year-old girl are some of the threads woven together to tell a story about the belief in something more than what can be seen with the naked eye, about the hope that nothing will be forgotten and about the abundant love of images.

Journeying into the mythical space of the outlands of southern Mexico, visual artists Geska and Robert Brecevic and their five-year-old daughter Katja unearth complex stories in which time, memory and nostalgia are continually reenacted. Dreaming The Memories of Now leads us through a stunning and profound exploration of the artistic process of creation and an ethereal declaration of love for a place. Stretching the genre of documentary, this experimental essay-film is a composition of far-ranging thoughts, sun-drenched images and scenes of mystery, guided by the poetic voice of the narrator.http://movie.dreamingthememoriesofnow.com 



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