The Castle PeepBox

The Castle Peep Box is an audiovisual experience that brings paintings and photographs to life in a novel way by using layers of video, animation and sound. The Interactive PeepBox series is based on a concept developed at the Interactive Institute by Evoking Spaces, The Digital Cultural Heritage Centre of Expertise and Performing Pictures. Performing Pictures has produced the story, content and technical solution for the The Castle Peep Box.

It's 1660, late in the afternoon just after the death of the Swedish king Karl Gustav X. In the sky above the castle, dark clouds are hastily gathering. In front of the castle there are people moving around but who are they and what are they doing?

The Castle PeepBox, which conveys a fun and novel experience of the Stockholm city museum’s 17th century painting of the old royal castle moved into Stockholm City museum in May 2008. It's a permanent contribution to the museums exhibitions and placed next to the original oil painting by the Dutch painter Govert Camphuysen and a miniature model of the castle from the 1930's.

Client: Stockholm City Museum, Stockholm, Sweden (with support by the project gRig, funded by EU:s Culture 2000 programme). 

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