Revelation | Revolution

The point of departure are wilful remakes of folk Catholicism in collaboration with artisans and indigenous communities in South Mexico, where devotional practices become driving forces of the local economy.

Let us talk about the concept of 'venerative art'. How collaborative, syncretic media artifacts traverse cultural borders of traditional and contemporary processes and knowledge systems. Revelation | Revolution works through practice-based artistic experimentation and academic dialogue.

The working assumption is that venerative art can claim local cultural specificity through the means of media technologies and places can be re-sacralized at a time when spatiality becomes increasingly virtualised and absent.

The venerative objects that are created as part of the artistic investigation are a form of a transversal object and act as vessels that embody the history of a culture. The media artists create these transversal objects by a syncretic transformation of traditional craft objects. Experimentation and a dialogue between distinct techniques, materials, and world-views play a fundamental role in the creation of the objects, whose transversal nature resides in interdisciplinary or intercultural processes.

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