Paper and iron

Greasy iron and white paper are the material properties of the animation boxes to come. Performing Pictures is on a "sabbatical month" in Sefrou, Morocco.

The bare bones of the frames were constructed with Yunouz, a metal worker on the outskirt of the medina. The boxes act as a counterpart to the immaculate white paper applied within that evoke  images of fantastical creatures representing the boundless Imagination of the child. We designed 2 iron boxes with opposing handles – a hand cranked diptych depicting perpetual motion. Going from left-to-right and right-to-left.  Never shall the two meet ;)

The right-to-left and left-to-right is also due to a fascination of 2 scripts (latin and arabic) moving towards eachother which seems to make them co-exist in an ingenious way

Working names are: Boxed walk cycle 1 & Boxed walk cycle 2

The fantastic creatures also represent boundless imagination present within "the child” or “the kid” that has the power to transform herself to someone och something else, change her "persona" as the piece of clothing it in fact is.

Sadly enough the kid will be put in a box within a box within a box - a tragicomic containment of a relentless motion that never reaches its final goal.

The strategy at hand is to choose a "fascinated indifference" towards the fundamental oxymoron of life.

Sefrou 2 Sefrou 3 Sefrou 4 boxed_walk_cycles_wider