The making of Kids On The Slide

Kids. One never knows where one has them. And when they do show up, they have no desire to talk about where they’ve been. In the next moment the daughter lies flat on the floor with her arms and legs wide apart. She shouts out a happy proposition to those who can and want to listen: ”I am a pizza now!” Obviously. No one will eat her. The daughter in this case happens to be the artistic duo’s very own. Together with her two brothers she has taken her place in the scenarios, which constitute Kids on the Slide.

The surroundings they chose to go and play in can barely be described as appropriate. A deserted parking garage. In the middle of cranes and containers in the harbour. An empty office space. Urban environments instead of out in the fresh air of the countryside. But they don’t have the desire to listen to what we have to say about it. They don’t want to have us following them. Yet when we try to approach them, we get their critical attention. (Sometimes in the form of gestures, which cannot be misinterpreted. And which they really shouldn’t be familiar with at their ages!) And see, they manage perfectly well without us. Because they have special equipment. Whenever the need is demanded, they glide away and disappear.

A frictionless move to the next screen. Kids on the Slide – a headline with double meanings: either that which gives a light shiver down the spine, a reflex to protect kids against all danger, and the insight that it is impossible. Or, the very literal meaning, and with the feeling of freedom and relief; here we are talking about the power of fantasy, pure will and a couple of well-oiled soles. 2005-2007 | Responsive video installation in 6 suites for three screens | C-prints of video stills (composited tripctychs) 18,5 x 100 cm in numbered editions | 6 lightboxes 100,8 x 18,5 x 130 cm | For further information, please visit our download section here >>

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