Electrifying Catholicism in Brečevići

The entire village of Brečevići was present at the inauguration of the third kinetic chapel by Performing Pictures.

Check out story of the third kinetic chapel by Performing Pictures:

I.   Reviving the cult of Saint Martin de Tours in the village

II.   A Roman knight, a red cloak and a beggar 

III.  Ever since Attila the Hun roamed Istria

IV. The link bewteen Croatia and Mexico

V.  Foreign familiar faces join forces

VI. The blessing of the chapel and a really excellent sermon

DSC_8901.jpg aa_DSC_8708.jpg DSC_8981_1.jpg DSC_7844_0.jpg DSC_8297.jpg DSC_8908_0.jpg DSC_8888_0.jpg DSC_8114_0.jpg