A State of Change – Workshop at the Tirana Academy of Arts

As the first external lecturers ever, we were invited to the Tirana Academy of Arts to give a 3-day workshop and introduce a new way of working with physical interfaces for video at the Art Academy in Tirana.

Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art (TICA) is a new platform for contemporary art in Albania with the ambition to offer substantial support, on a continuous basis, to a developing the art scene.

During March 2-11, 2007 Performing Pictures was invited to Tirana to do a workshop for 40 students at the Academy of Fine Arts. The workshop called A State of Change introduced a new way of working with physical interfaces for responsive film installations and discussions were held during the workshop about new disciplines within the contemporary art scene.

The workshop mixed theoretical seminars with practical exercises, and the students created their own video works on the theme A State of Change. The audience could interact with the works through external control mechanisms. The results from the workshop – 6 collaborative projects – were shown during a well-visited presentation/exhibition at the Academy.

Artists and students that seldom or never before had worked with video or art involving technology used the VOS-player – a video software developed by Performing Pictures.

DSC01654.JPG DSC01663_0.JPG DSC01670.JPG DSC01711.JPG DSC01729.JPG DSC01750.JPG DSC01772.JPG DSC01787.JPG DSC01794.JPG DSC01666.JPG DSC01699.JPG