Raphaelite Toolbox at Koltsovo Airport

Raphaelite Toolbox exploits the artistic scope offered by new dance cinema in a unique way, The exhibition project "ILLUMINATORS" brought media art to Yekaterinburg Airport. Visually the exposition was represented by numerous round spots of lights floating/hovering free in the airport cubage.

The central characteristic of all works is the round shape, based on the tradition of 15th century's "tondi". An international jury board selected among the works submitted in a competition Performing Pictures' videopainting "Raphaelite Toolbox" to be part of the international exhibition.

Raphaelite Toolbox is a silent instructive piece, depicting a woman who is relating to a set of different tools. Her strange companionship to these objects is filtered through movement and time. The film is made by Performing Pictures and choreographer Anna Koch – each of whom exploits the artistic scope offered by new dance cinema in a unique way. They blend the transience of dance with the intimacy of film, experimenting with movement and montage, exploring both rhythm and visuality. Here, aesthetic expression rooted in the modern era takes the form of realism, absurdism and avant-gardism.

ILLUMINATORS | Koltsovo Airport, Yekaterinburg, Russia | 10.4 - 30.6.08

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