Offspring Taking Off at Ta Plats!

The latest work of performing Pictures' family series is shown as a part of the exhibition "TA PLATS" which takes place in Kulturhuset, Stockholm.

Performing Pictures decided to put up the work in both the elevators that constitute the communicative backbone of Kulturhuset. Elevators are moving spaces, connecting one floor with another one and as such they capture the very essence of inbetween-places (which is one of the topics of the exhibition). Two brand new video cabinets in massive oiled walnut tree have been equipped with 8 inch screens and mini-PCs, speakers as well as the needed electronics and above all: a stylish pushbutton in steel and bakelite. The young ones on screens are ballooning and they wait for the cue to take off. Notice the fact that a pushbutton can be... pushed. Performing Pictures has previously pointed their fondness of Eric Satie's term musique d'ameublement and finally the opportunity to furnish a space such as elevators have been given. Responsive video installations for 2 elevators is the latest attempt of Performing Pictures to 'poetisize' transient spaces. Opening is at 4 o'clock on friday the 19th of March. Performing Pictures was invited to participate in the exhibition by curator PO Hagström.

boxen.jpg naddi_hiss.jpg leo_hiss.jpg hissarna.jpg hissenigen.jpg cesar_igen.jpg