Kids on the slide

Kids on the Slide was displayed at the experience centers Korallen and Lagunen - which are part of the habilitation for multi-handicapped children and grown-ups at Stockholm Landsting - between October 2007 and January 2008 in the project 'Konst med alla sinnen'.

It was the first out of six works which, during a year, will be shown at the experience centers. The works are aimed at different senses, and employs different techniques, in order to offer new experiences for the visitors of the departments. The project also contains an information campaign, making Stockholm's art institutions aware that visitors to habilitation centres such as Korallen and Lagunen, could also be their potential audience. 'Konst med alla sinnen' is part of the initiative SKISS - Samtidskonstnärer i samtidssamhället - directed by Konstfrämjandet. The project aims at investigating what happens when artists explore work places outside of the established art world – with a starting point in their artistic competence and specific questions.