Grand opening at the CFMAB

At seven o'clock (fairly sharp) six big doors were opened simultaneously and the diligently waiting crowd rushed into the spacious halls to quench their imminent curiosity about this strange thing known as "Men That Fall" (Hombres Que Se Caen).

The opening of the exhibition by Geska Brečević and Robert Brečević  "Los hombres que se caen" drew the culturally well-endowed citizens of Oaxaca to the Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo, named after the Mexican photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo (1902–2002). Centro Fotográfico is one of Oaxacas most beautiful gallery spaces with year-round fully booked program of exhibitions, workshops and other social events.

After the magic hour chimed and the crowd had scattered into the vast exhibition spaces, people gathered for beer and mezcal, snacks and interesting discussions. 

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