Art Video on a Flying Visit

Men that Fall and Women that Turn will temporarily move 'out of the galleries' to be exhibited in new and unexpected environments.

The films offer themselves to scrutiny and multi-modal experience, affected by the presence of a viewer they render a time-based exposure entirely relying on the personal timing in front of as well as on the screen. There is both repudiation and love in the interpretation of men as stiff and women as guilt-tripping. In reality the gender identity is made up... As part of the research project Cinésense, led by professor Karin Becker, students at the international master's program in Media and Communication at Stockholm University followed the installations on their journey, and made observations focussing on the specific place and its relation to the works. "Artvideo on a flying visit" | PUB, Stockholm | 14.2 - 15.2.07

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