art in public spaces

meanwhile/ondertussen/entre temps

In a small shop in a street corner, an unusal art installation suddenly appeared...

Offspring Taking Off at Ta Plats!

The only way is up! Offspring Taking Off has moved into the elevators at Kulturhuset.

Balta Nakts

White Nights. Balta Nights. Illuminated screens.

Koltsovo Airport

Raphaelite Toolbox exploits the artistic scope offered by new dance cinema in a unique way

Changing Places

A research project about local and global events as mediated through screens in public space.


The Resilients project aim to establish a support structure for resilient creative practices.

Kulturnatt @ Stora Vikingen

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore.”

Ta Plats! on tour 2011-2012

Offspring Taking Off on tour with TA PLATS. Next stop: Stockholms Länsmuseum!

Artistic research 2011

Performing Pictures' Cinésense project is presented in the Science Council's Year Book 2011.

Space Matters

Opening of the exhibition "Space Matters – Public spaces and digital media"
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