Fotografía Mexicana Intervenida

Artistic interventions on Mexican lost-and-found photography

The Crossing of Two Lines

Our much anticipated book The Crossing of Two Lines is here. Order your copy today!

Kukičana Priča

A Hand-Crafted Web of Personal Remembrance using vernacular photography as a therapy.

No such thing as was

Reincarnating the vernacular foto-esculturas and secular santos of Mexico!

Institut Suedois

Summer in Paris abruptly ended during this night, but men were still falling.

Return of: Men That Fall

The Return of Men That Fall in the windows of a exquisite Parisian edifice!

Kärleken är en plats

Robert & Geska Brečević ställer ut på Skogskyrkogården

Revelation | Revolution

An art and film project about mischievous saints, recalcitrant Madonnas and a sulky Baby Jesus.

Veneration and Wonder

Journal of Aesthetics & Culture has published a paper by prof. Karin Becker and Geska Brečević

Smartphone Shrines

Turn your smart phone into a unique work of art - while charging!

Exhibition and bookrelease

The crossing lines — vertical and horizontal, temporal and spatial, secular and sacred.
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